Rezept : Dishwashing liquid

This hair cream can be used as a conditionner, or a nourishing mask. It will close scales and restore the shine of your hair fiber.

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Recipient: Großer Tank (750mL)
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146.7 g
0.8 g
12.5 g

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Rezept :

This recipe has been developed from the ingredients of the Briochin brand, for their natural and made in France quality, and BeautyMix ingredients to ensure a pleasant texture and protection of your skin.
It will allow you to do your dishes naturally, without damaging your hands!


Daily use for dishes. Put one or two pumps on your previously wet sponge then rub and wash your dishes. Then rinse thoroughly under hot water.

Précautions avant de démarrer
Avant de démarrer, il convient de nettoyer et désinfecter le plan de travail et les ustensiles : les produits préparés iront sur votre peau, et on veut éviter toute contamination microbienne !

Nettoyer soigneusement le BeautyMix. Ensuite, imbiber un chiffon propre d'alcool à 70° (disponible en supermarché) et l'utiliser pour désinfecter la cuve du BeautyMix et tous les ustensiles. Laisser sécher.

Nettoyer le plan de travail et écarter les objets qui pourraient gêner.

Poser un sopalin propre sur le plan de travail et y déposer les ustensiles. Vous aurez besoin d'une cuillère à café propre ou spatule, et d'un contenant propre et sec pour verser la préparation une fois prête. Se laver les mains soigneusement.

Bien respecter les dosages indiqués pour les ingrédients de la recette.
Respecter les dates limites d'utilisation des ingrédients BeautyMix. 
Besoin de plus d'informations ? Consulter la page "Débuter".
Thoroughly disinfect the worktop, the utensils and the BeautyMix with 70 ° alcohol and a clean paper.
Place the flat mixer in the BeautyMix tank, and place the tank on the scale. Switch on the scale then carry out the tare (zero) by pressing the T key.
Weigh 150g of water in the tank then put the tank without the cover on the base of the BeautyMix.
Take one of the transparent trays that protect the scale in order to use one as a container, put it on the scale and press the T key. Weigh the required amount of thickener in the pan.
0.8 g
Before dispersing the thickener in the tank, start the blue program by pressing the button twice. Once the program has started, gently disperse the thickener gradually in rain then close the tank with its cover and wait for the end of the program.
Place the cell on the scale and press T to reset the scale to 0. Add the required amount of glycerin.
12.5 g
Press T to reset the scale to 0. Add the required amount of BeautyMix foam concentrate.
7.5 g
Press T to reset the scale to 0. Add the required amount of baking soda.
7.5 g
Place the closed tank again with its cover on the BeautyMix base, and press the button once to start the purple program.
In a container weigh the required quantity of black soap then put it in the tank.
75 g
Make up with the remaining water to the mark in the bowl.
Then at the end of the purple program, press the button twice to start the blue program to cool the mixture.
At the end of the program, gently transfer the dishwashing liquid to a clean and disinfected container.
To wash the tank, fill it with water up to the upper line and start the program (purple) by pressing once.
Et voilà !